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P&S Frostbite - 946ml

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Transform your car washing experience with P&S Frostbite Snow Foam Surface Cleanse. Cut through dirt, road salt, and other contaminants without damaging your vehicle's delicate paintwork. With an advanced formula designed to penetrate even the toughest crevices, Frostbite lifts away debris and leaves your vehicle sparkling clean.

The rich and dense foam of Frostbite snow foam clings to your car's surface, loosening and encapsulating dirt for a thorough and effortless rinse. The steam and bright foam created by Frostbite are perfect for lifting off road grime, salt, and other tough contaminants that can ruin your vehicles' finish.

Thanks to Frostbite's gentle but powerful cleaning action, it can be used on all surfaces of your vehicle with confidence. Trust in Frostbite's formula and its ability to clean your car effectively without compromising the integrity of your paint or clear coat.

Designed for professional automotive detailers and car enthusiasts alike, P&S Frostbite Snow Foam Surface Cleanse will help you achieve a superior clean on any vehicle, leaving a refreshing winter breeze scent. Add it to your regular car washing routine to keep your vehicle looking pristine and immaculate.

Key Features:

    Effectively cleans and lifts away dirt and road salt
    Advanced formula penetrates deep into crevices
    Safe for all surfaces of your vehicle
    Refreshing winter breeze scent

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