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Wowo's Crystal Sealant Si 500ml

Wowo's Crystal Sealant Si 500ml

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Wowo’s Crystal Sealant Si

Wowo’s CRYSTAL SEALANT is a Nano-Polymer based spray sealant for your Paintwork. The easy spray application means you don’t need to be a Professional Detailer to use it. The best part – it’s a cross-linking nano siloxane which creates a mesh across the paint surface that is extremely detergent resistant! That means you get a strong bond and protection of your paint for up to a year with just one application. Wowo’s CRYSTAL SEALANT is safe for all your surfaces and easy to apply! It’s also extremely Hydrophobic – Caution: Slippery when Wet! What kind of see-through magic is this? This is Wowo’s Crystal Sealant that’s what. This is a long lasting Nano-Polymer Sealant which can be applied to any exterior surface on the vehicle for the ultimate protection.

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