The Business PRO-gram

The Rag Company Europe offers a business program through its Dealer Program that provides a 20% discount store wide on all purchases. Upon enrollment, participants receive a personal account that allows them to manage their purchases and obtain the discount on any product available in the store.

If your business is registered for VAT in the EU, by providing your VAT number, The Rag Company will not include VAT charges in your transactions, allowing you to take advantage of a more favorable pricing structure. This helps ensure that participants in the business program are able to maximize their purchasing power and make the most of their partnership with The Rag Company Europe.

For customers interested in buying a full case of a specific product, The Rag Company Europe requests that you contact them via email at This personalized assistance ensures that you can obtain the full case of the product you need and address any specific requirements you may have.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with your business- or wholesale order, feel free to reach out to The Rag Company Europe via email at

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