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Coming Soon - No Soak Coating Applicator Kit

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Coming Soon - No Soak Coating Applicator Kit

Looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for applying coatings to your car's interior and exterior? The No Soak Coating Applicator Kit from The Rag Company offers the perfect combination of essentials for seamless coating application.

Kit Includes:

- 2x 3"x5" TRC NO SOAK Applicator sponges
- 3x 41 x 41cm Ice Grey TRC Edgeless Pearl Weave Towels—70/30 blend, 320 gsm

Experience the Difference:
The NO SOAK Coating Applicators feature a special barrier that prevents coatings from soaking past the microfiber cover and into the sponge. This design ensures that your coatings last longer and allows for extended surface coverage before reapplying coatings to the applicator.

The Edgeless Pearl Weave microfiber towels are renowned for their versatility, serving as the workhorses of the TRC lineup. These towels are ideal for leveling coatings and buffing excess. Additionally, the plush 70/30 blend and edgeless design make them safe to use on delicate surfaces such as chrome, paint, glass, or mirrors, minimizing the risk of scratching and micro-marring.

Elevate your coating application process and maximize the longevity of your coatings with the No Soak Coating Applicator Kit from The Rag Company. Stay tuned for its release to streamline your detailing efforts.

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