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Coming Soon - The Rag Company - ULTRA Safe Sponge

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Coming Soon - The Rag Company - ULTRA Safe Sponge

Introducing the ULTRA Safe Sponge, the next evolution in safe and effective car washing tools. Developed by our skilled detailers, this sponge is designed to provide a scratch-less wash right out of the box. Its enhanced softness ensures gentle cleaning on paint, glass, and wheels, making it versatile for both soapy and rinseless wash techniques.

Key Features:

- Superior Softness: The ULTRA Safe Sponge is softer than its predecessor, offering an even gentler touch during washing for scratch-free results.
- Versatile Design: This sponge is equally effective for traditional soapy washes and water-efficient rinseless washes, providing flexibility in your detailing routine.
- Ergonomic and Gentle: Retaining its beloved ergonomic design, the ULTRA Safe Sponge is engineered for comfortable handling while maintaining a gentle approach to delicate surfaces.

Exclusively available from The Rag Company, a globally recognized leader in automotive detailing microfiber and premium detailing products, the ULTRA Safe Sponge represents the pinnacle of safe car washing solutions.

Stay tuned for the release of the ULTRA Safe Sponge and elevate your car cleaning experience to a new level of care and performance.

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