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Coming Soon - Wrap N' Tuck Suede Coating Applicator Kit

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Coming Soon - Wrap N' Tuck Suede Coating Applicator Kit

Are you in search of a classic yet convenient method to apply coatings to your vehicle's exterior? Look no further than The Rag Company's Wrap N' Tuck Suede Coating Applicator Kit.

Kit Includes:

- 2 Light Grey Foam Blocks with a Black "Squishy Foam" Pad
- 20 4"x4" Light Grey Suede Cloths (220 gsm)

The specially designed foam blocks are crafted for ease of use, allowing you to effortlessly glide over any surface. The notches on the block securely hold the light grey suede cloth to the squishy foam pad, ensuring a smooth and even application of your chosen exterior coating.

After use, simply place the foam block back in the clamshell packaging for future reuse. To maintain the quality of the suede cloths, we recommend using Rags to Riches™ microfiber detergent. Our proprietary formula is formulated to revive and preserve microfiber products, keeping them plush, clean, and highly absorbent for years to come.

Elevate your coating application process with the Wrap N' Tuck Suede Coating Applicator Kit from The Rag Company. Stay tuned for its release to enhance your detailing experience.

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