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Rinseless Wash Essentials Kit

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Introducing our Rinseless Wash Essentials Kit, designed to make your car washing experience effortless and effective. This kit includes everything you need as a starter or professional to achieve a sparkling clean finish without the need for excessive water usage.

At the heart of this kit is the Optimum No Rinse Revision #5, a revolutionary rinseless wash solution trusted by professionals worldwide. With its advanced formula, it safely lifts dirt and grime from your vehicle's surface, leaving behind a spotless shine. Say goodbye to wasteful water runoff and hello to an eco-friendly and convenient cleaning process.

To enhance your washing routine, we have included the TRC Rinse Bucket with Grit Guard. This essential tool prevents cross-contamination and keeps your wash solution clean for a pristine finish. The Grit Guard acts as a barrier, trapping dirt and debris at the bottom of the bucket, ensuring that you are always working with fresh and clean water.

The Liquid8r 50 x 61cm microfiber towel perfectly complements the Rinseless Wash process. Its ultra-soft and absorbent properties ensure a thorough and gentle clean without leaving any residue behind. This high-quality towel will become your go-to accessory for achieving a streak-free, showroom-worthy shine.

Finally, we have included the Ultra Black Sponge, an industry favorite for its superior usability and durability. Engineered to effortlessly glide over your car's surface, this sponge allows for easy application of the wash solution, ensuring a consistent and even coverage. Its soft yet durable material ensures minimum abrasion, keeping your car's finish flawless.

Experience the future of car cleaning with our Rinseless Wash Essentials Kit. Unleash the power of Optimum No Rinse Revision #5, combined with the convenience and effectiveness of our carefully selected accessories. Achieve a showroom-like clean while minimizing water usage and maximizing your time. Upgrade your car washing routine today.

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