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P&S Bug Off Bundle

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Introducing the P&S Bug Off Bundle - your ultimate solution for a bug-free drive! On the frontline of defense, the P&S Bug Off pint effortlessly tackles the toughest bug residues, while the 5-pack of blue Jersey Bug Scrubbers provides the perfect texture for scrubbing away those lingering critters. Say goodbye to pesky bug splatters and hello to a sparkling, insect-free vehicle with this powerful Bug Off Bundle. Get ready to experience a smooth and spotless ride, all with the ease and convenience of this dynamic duo.

Simply apply P&S Bug Off liberally to the affected areas of your vehicle and watch as the bug debris disappears before your eyes. Designed for heavy bug concentrations on the front grille, bumper, and paintwork, this solution offers an easy spray-on, rinse-off application process for quick bug removal.

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