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Diamond Pro Tech

Diamond ProTech - Diamond Quick Body

Diamond ProTech - Diamond Quick Body

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Diamond ProTech - Diamond Quick Body

Fast and Effortless Protection

Diamond Quick Body is an effortless, nanodiamond hybrid Si02 spray coating which yields 6 months of hydrophobic protection. This spray and wipe formula will create a slick, caramel gloss appearance on any coated or non-coated vehicle. Immediately results in a finish that will resist UV oxidation and repel water easily.


  • 6 months hydrophobic protection
  • Easy Spray-on, Wipe off
  • Unique, Hybrid Si02 Formula
  • Resists UV Oxidation and Water Spots
  • Offers a Slick-Feel and a beautiful Caramel Gloss

Special Note from Diamond ProTech: Diamond Quick Body formula includes our enriched nanodiamond technology and thus the product may have some very small particles inside the bottle. This is not harmful to your vehicle and does not indicate a faulty product, it is a normal part of the formula synthesis. If you find some particles inside the bottle, please shake the bottle well for 20-40 seconds. This will ensure that the nanodiamond technology is properly agitated and will deliver the expected results of hydrophobicity and illustrious shine.

Diamond Quick Body Installation Instructions

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