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iK Multi TR 1 MINI 360 Trigger SET - 5 sprayers

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iK Trigger Multi TR 1 MINI 360 Set

iK Trigger Multi TR1 MINI 360 Set consists of 5 separate sprayers. These 5 sprayers have been specially developed to replace the trigger of your iK Multi TR 1 MINI sprayer when it is used up. As a result, you do not have to order a new iK sprayer immediately.
Sprayers for iK Multi TR 1 MINI 360

Are you looking for separate sprayers for your iK Multi TR 1 MINI 360? This iK MINI trigger set contains 5 sprayers to renew your iK Multi TR 1 MINI 360. This ensures that your iK sprayer always functions optimally for the best performance. This Multi TR 1 MINI iK sprayer set comes in a box.
Features iK Multi TR 1 MINI 360 Sprayer Set

- Sprayers of high quality

- Professional sprayer for cleaners, spray wax and degreasers

- Ideally your trigger is used up but your iK sprayer is still good

- Comes in a set of 5

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