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P&S - Bug OFF

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Introducing the P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover, your solution for effectively removing stubborn bug residues on your vehicle's paintwork. Say goodbye to pesky bug stains on your car's exterior with this powerful insect remover.

Simply apply the BUG OFF liberally to the affected areas of your vehicle and watch as the bug debris disappears before your eyes. Designed for heavy bug concentrations on the front grille, bumper, and paintwork, this solution offers an easy spray-on, rinse-off application process for quick bug removal.

Insect residues can be highly damaging to your vehicle's paintwork due to their acidic nature, which can eat away at the clear coat in a matter of days. P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover helps prevent this damage by swiftly eliminating insect debris and residues that accumulate during your daily drives, especially on open roads and highways.

For tougher bug spots, pair the Bug Off Insect Remover with a clay scrubber to power off the stubborn residues without harming your vehicle's paint or clear coat. Maintain the pristine condition of your car by promptly and effectively removing bug stains with P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover.

Key Features:

    Effectively breaks down heavy bug concentrations
    Quick and easy spray-on, rinse-off application
    Helps prevent damage to paintwork from acidic insect residues
    Ideal for daily bug removal on open roads and highways

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