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Oxmose x The Rag Company

Portable Oxmose - Water Filtration System

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Portable Oxmose x The Rag Company - Water Filtration System

Introducing the Portable Oxmose Water Filtration System from The Rag Company Europe! This innovative solution features two replaceable cartridges filled with deionizing resin, delivering an ample supply of spotless water for up to 1200 liters of deionized water. The unit is designed to provide streak-free drying for your vehicle, making it perfect for mobile detailers or home car enthusiasts who want to achieve crystal-clear results.

Additionally, a conductivity meter ensures that you can monitor the water quality at all times, guaranteeing optimal performance. This versatile system is not only ideal for washing cars but also perfect for cleaning windows and other surfaces around your home.

The Portable Oxmose System offers unparalleled convenience, whether you're using it at home or on the go. With a simple (Gardena) connection, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of this system. The availability of separate resin refills ensures that you can always replenish your filtration system when needed.

It's important to note the difference between ion exchange resin and reverse osmosis filtration processes. While ion exchange resin replaces positive and negative ions, ultimately forming water that is nearly equivalent to distilled water, reverse osmosis systems use fine filters to block particles larger than water molecules. As a result, reverse osmosis systems often require pumps and storage tanks. For prolonged product lifespan, we recommend using the Portable Oxmose System during the final rinse stage to maximize its effectiveness.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Portable Oxmose Water Filtration System, which can be directly connected to your high-pressure cleaner for hassle-free rinsing. Get ready to achieve exceptional cleaning results with the power of deionized water from The Rag Company Europe.

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