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The Rag Company Europe

The Rag Company - Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool

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The Rag Company - Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool

Introducing the Ultra Air Spray Applicator, your ultimate precision tool for creating the perfect blend of air and liquid, designed to deliver flawless application of dressings, coatings, and protectants.

Key Specifications:

  • Free Rotation Speed: 5,000 - 8,200 RPM
  • Air Consumption: 120L-200L/minute
  • Liquid Consumption: 3L-3.7L/hour
  • Input Pressure: 6-8 Bar
  • Air Outlet Connection: US Standard


  • Precision Performance: The Ultra Air Spray Applicator is engineered to provide unparalleled precision, ensuring that your dressings, coatings, and protectants are applied with the utmost accuracy.
  • Enhanced Lid Design: This tool includes a durable plastic lid featuring a rubber gasket for a secure and leak-free seal. Plus, it comes with an extra lid for convenient storage use, keeping your equipment in pristine condition.
  • Translucent Dark Green Bottle: The translucent dark green bottle adds a touch of sophistication to your application process, allowing you to monitor liquid levels with ease.

Elevate your application game with the Ultra Air Spray Applicator – your trusted partner for achieving impeccable results every time.

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