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The Rag Company Europe

The Rag Company - Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator

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TRC - Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator - 6 Pack

Introducing the Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator, now available at The Rag Company Europe! Designed with the highest quality microfiber and innovative features, this applicator is a must-have for all car enthusiasts and detailers.

Crafted from a robust yet soft 70/30 blend pearl weave microfiber, the Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator ensures a gentle and flawless application of your favorite car care products. The absorbing sponge at the core and double stitching on the interior minimize surface abrasions, providing a smooth and professional finish.

What sets the Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator apart is its unique barrier technology. This special barrier prevents coating products from soaking into the applicator, allowing you to maximize the coverage area before needing to add more product. The soft microfiber and barrier work in harmony, ensuring that the coating is applied precisely and evenly onto surfaces, without being absorbed into the sponge material.

Perfect for all car detailing applications, this applicator is specially designed to apply waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and other materials to automotive surfaces. From leather to paint, dressings to tires, the Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator handles every surface with ease, providing optimal safety and flawless results.

Maintaining the Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator is a breeze. We recommend using our Rags to Riches™ microfiber detergent, specially formulated to deep clean and restore absorbency and color to microfiber towels. With this advanced formula, your applicator will stay in top condition for long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your car care arsenal with the Ultra No-Soak Coating Applicator from The Rag Company Europe. Experience the difference that a high-quality applicator can make in achieving professional results. Get yours today and elevate your detailing game to new heights!

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