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The Rag Company Europe x The Wrap Institute

The Wrap Institute - Platinum Tool Elite Kit

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The Wrap Institute - Platinum Tool Elite Kit

- The perfect kit to pick up all of the TWI platinum tool line -

Elevate your detailing experience with the TWI Platinum Tool Elite Kit, a comprehensive set curated for professional detailers. This elite kit features a range of top-quality products from The Rag Company, carefully selected to meet the demands of professional detailing tasks. Let's explore the key components of this exclusive kit:

  1. Edgeless 365 Premium Microfiber Terry Detailing Towel 10 Pack: Crafted for superior absorbency and softness, this pack of microfiber towels ensures a streak-free finish on any surface. Shop Now

  2. Absolute Rinseless Wash: Experience the efficiency of a waterless wash with this versatile solution, leaving your vehicle spotless while conserving water resources. Shop Now

  3. The Edgeless Pearl Microfiber Ceramic Coating Towel 12 Pack: Specifically designed for ceramic coating applications, these lint-free towels deliver flawless results with every use. Shop Now

  4. IK Multi TR 360°: This innovative spray bottle provides 360-degree spraying capabilities, allowing precision application of detailing products in hard-to-reach areas. Shop Now

  5. The Ultra Clay Scrubber 2 Pack: Say goodbye to contaminants with these effective clay scrubbers, designed to restore the smoothness of your vehicle’s paint surface. Shop Now

  6. The Wrap Institute Axe Vinyl Wrap PPF Tool 4 Pack Combo: Perfect your vinyl wrap installations with this combo pack of specialized tools, ensuring a professional finish every time. Shop Now

  7. The Wrap Institute Platinum Squeegees 5 Pack: The latest addition to your toolkit, guaranteeing precise and flawless vinyl installations. Shop Now

  8. P&S Triple S Wrap Install Solution: Enhance your wrap installations with this quality solution, for a seamless finish and long-lasting adhesion. Shop Now

  9. Knobby Microfiber Chenille Mitt: This cleaning mitt offers both efficacy and gentleness, ensuring a scratch-free detailing experience for all your surfaces. Shop Now

  10. Rags to Riches Microfiber Detergent: Maintain the quality of your microfiber towels with this specialized detergent, keeping them clean and ready for optimal performance. Shop Now

  11. Pearl Puck Applicator 4 Pack: Achieve precise and smooth product application with these applicators, perfect for various detailing tasks. Shop Now

Elevate your Wrapping game with the TWI Platinum Tool Elite Kit, encompassing everything you need for professional-grade results. Invest in quality, precision, and efficiency, and bring your skills to new heights today.

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