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The Rag Company’s ULTRA Clay Bar gives detailing professionals and enthusiasts the ability to safely, quickly and easily decontaminate automotive paint, glass, plastic and moldings with proven, positive results when used with a quality clay lubricant such as Koch-Chemie’s Clay Spray or P&S’ Paint Gloss.

Removing the environmental pollutants and contaminants that have lodged into your vehicle’s clearcoat is an effective step in the detailing process that can dramatically reduce time spent polishing and cleaning pads, along with the total amount of polish used.  Besides saving you time and money, ULTRA Clay Bars consistently deliver results that are proven to get you one step closer to the perfect, high-gloss finish you desire.


  1.  Wash vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris.
  2. Spray your favourite clay lubricant on a small section off the vehicle.
  3. Gently rub CLAY BAR over the lubricated area with a premium microfiber towel. knead the clay bar to a new side free of containments & continue in sections until vehicle is fully decontamined.
  4. If the CLAY BAR is dropped, throw away & use a new piece or new CLAY BAR.
  5. Follow up with a Quick Detailer, Paint Sealant, Wax or Polish.
  6. Put CLAY BAR back in packaging &store in cool dry place.
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